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Alberta Oil Sands Jobs

What does the future hold for the oil sands?

The future of the oil sands in Alberta seems assured as the reserves of the thick bitumen in the ground are estimated to last well into the latter half of this century. As the world's oil supplies become ever scarcer, this form of oil production becomes even more attractive. What was once an expensive oil extraction process is now a more viable one, with the ever-increasing price of oil.

Workers looking to find oilfield careers in this part of the world will find as much work as they can handle for a very long time. The estimates of the potential oil that can be brought up out of the ground here range from 20 billion barrels all the way up to 180 billion barrels of oil.

That's quite a range but a lot depends on future extraction and production methods that can be developed economically.

Within the next decade there will be a need for 60,000 extra workers in the oil and natural gas industry in the oil sands area alone! This will include many laborers in the oil, construction, trucking and other related industries. If you're a truck driver with a good driving record, you will easily find work here. The same goes for construction workers and any relevant tradesmen such as electrician and plumbers. As the oil production increases, the need for more pipelines will mean that workers who have experience working around oil pipelines will be able to get whatever type of job they want and are qualified for. The pay scale for all jobs in the oil sands will continue to rise as the cost of living and working there continues to go up.

Studies have shown that at the present rate of growth, the oil production in Canada will grow to 3-9 million barrels a day by 2015, with the oil sands area production increasing to 2.7 million barrels a day. This will mean a LOT of work for many people in a staggering variety of fields, trades and skill levels. General laborers will make up a large chunk of this expanding work force. So if you're in the market for a career in the oil sands, now's the time to get moving!

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