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Atlantic Canadian Oil Projects & Job Opportunities

With three massive oil development projects off its coast, the Atlantic Canadian oil industry is in full swing and is in need of an army of trained and experienced personnel. Over 20,000 jobs have been created through these projects with the majority of oil jobs being in the construction, supply and service, and oil production fields. With an anticipated annual growth of output predicted to be 15% over the next decade, the Atlantic oil and gas industry is going to need more workers to meet the goals the oil companies have set for themselves.

With major exploration and development in the waters off Newfoundland and Labrador, the need for skilled geologists, topographical map makers and other degreed personnel is at an all-time high in the region.

The development of new and yet to be found oil deposits is essential to the continued growth of this valuable industry. Several provincial and federal government agencies have devoted major infrastructure funds that will ensure that research and development, training, and safety and survival programs are properly funded and maintained. This will make sure that the industry continues to grow at the pace that it has been over the past decade.

To date, over twenty billion dollars in investment capital has been spent on the Atlantic Canadian oil and gas industry.

As the infrastructure of this industry continues to grow, so too does the level of investment for other sectors that are connected to this industry. The many local businesses that benefit from the continued success of the oil and gas industry in this region spend funds on their own infrastructure to allow them to better serve the needs of the industry. As the infrastructure grows, so too does the need for qualified and experienced workers from many trades and professions. As the climate for future development improves, the oil and gas industry in Atlantic Canada will be a great place for qualified workers to find both seasonal employment and full-time careers.

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