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Downstream Oil Jobs

The downstream oil sector of the oil and natural gas industry is the retail or consumer sector of the industry. When anyone talks about the downstream sector of this industry they may be referring to the many products that are produced based on materials from oil refineries, which can include an extensive list of chemical compounds, and elements, which are created from the crude oil, and natural gas from the earth.

Some jobs that are associated with this sector of the industry include chemical engineers that take the raw materials from the refineries and turn them into many thousands of other products by utilizing products, formulas and equipment specially designed for this purpose. The plastics industry is entirely dependent on the oil and natural gas industry for the chemicals and raw products used in creating the many compounds of plastic articles. When consumers pick up and buy a product made from plastic, they may not always realize that the plastic in the article is entirely dependent on crude oil for its composition.

Oil refinery jobs and the marketing representatives associated with the industry, are all in the downstream sector. Gas distribution utilities, oil product wholesalers, service stations and petrochemical companies are all part of the downstream sector. This sector of the industry is responsible for a considerable portion of the oil industry's' profits every year and the personnel involved in this sector are valued employees. Petroleum oil wholesalers need truck drivers to deliver their oil products all over the country while larger wholesalers may be in need of oil tanker captains and crew on a regular basis.

Oil refineries are in constant need of trained and experienced workers who can use their expertise to help turn the base crude oil into any number of useable products which the refinery then sells to other manufacturers to make more products. There are several types of refinery jobs including entry-level positions and degreed positions.

Engineering technicians are always in high demand in oil refining facilities. Whether mechanical, chemical, or petroleum engineers, personnel who work within the degreed areas of the refinery are responsible for the more technical aspects of the day-to-day refinement duties. Petroleum engineers require many years of specialized training and can expect to earn $95,000 to $150,000 annually. Mechanical engineers with five or more years of experience routinely make $65,000 annually, while chemical engineers can make anywhere from $60,000 to $90,000 depending on a variety of factors.


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