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Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Mechanical Engineers perform research, design and evaluate mechanical systems, machinery and special processes. In the oil and natural gas industry, these engineers are responsible for making sure that all the machinery and mechanical systems involved in the oil production process are kept operating properly with special care paid to maintenance and upkeep of the many types of machines involved. The work is varied and can include many mechanical systems such as:

The work of a mechanical engineer can take place in an office or laboratory but is generally out in the field working alongside other team members on an oil rig. Some oil companies employ mechanical engineers to research and develop new and better machinery systems that will allow them to be more productive and competitive. If you're thinking about a mechanical engineer job in the oil and natural gas industry, you should be able to think in mathematical and abstract terms, be able to visualize three-dimensions from two-dimensional drawings and blueprints, have a practical and analytical mind and an interest in the technical aspects of processes. Some other duties of a mechanical engineer can include the maintenance and operation of machinery aboard oil rigs, derricks and drilling platforms. Many mechanical engineers who would rather work in a more institutional environment can opt for working in an oil refinery. This environment is very challenging and rewarding and doesn't entail as much field work as working on oil platforms or derricks.

The minimum education requirement for mechanical engineers is a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. With a few years of experience mechanical engineers working in the industry can expect to earn from $4,800 to $132,000 with the average salary being $78,500 per year. This will depend on many factors such as years of experience, the company you're working for and the location of the work.

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