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Middle East Oil Jobs

The oil fields of the Middle East are some of the most productive in the entire world with half of the world's oil needs being met by the reserves of this area. Even though some of the oil fields are in parts of the world which are troubled, oil companies with interests in this part of the world go to extreme lengths to protect their investments and personnel. Large security forces work round the clock to ensure total safety for oil workers in any troubled areas.

Entry-level positions on oil rigs and drilling platforms in the Middle East include Roustabouts (general laborer) with a starting salary of $250-300 per day which translates to about $40,000 a year (remember that workers are employed for the full year but only work half that time with time off between shifts). So really, that salary is for working only half a year!

As you move up the ranks, the pay goes up as well. Supervisory positions have a salary range of $68,000 to $105,000 per year.

Traveling costs to return home during your time off is paid by your employer as are your meals, lodging, entertainment and medical benefits. Any special training courses that the company wants to send you on are also paid for including meals, travel costs and accommodations. Free medical service, email and Internet facilities as well as phone calls are all covered by the employer. Even your laundry service is taken care of by the company.

Some Middle East areas of oil production include such countries as Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Yemen and Libya.

Starting out as a Roustabout in the Middle East oil industry requires very little specialized education or experience. The only real requirement is that you complete and pass a physical exam. This only makes sense as entry-level work is physically demanding.

By working hard and learning new skills you can move up through the ranks and earn better pay.

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