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Midstream Oil Jobs

The midstream petroleum sector of the oil industry provides a vital link between the oil that is drawn up out of the ground and the end users in the population centers. This part of the industry gathers stores and transports the crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids. Transmission pipeline companies are also a part of the midstream sector and play a major part in getting the crude oil and natural gas to the refineries and to the end consumers. Companies that specialize in oil and gas storage are also major players in this sector.

Some jobs in the midstream sector include working for companies that transport the oil and natural gas from the drilling sites to the refinery and then on to the consumers in the population centers. Working on an oil tanker is hard work but for those people who enjoy traveling the world and aren't bothered by ocean travel, the rewards can be very good with starting salaries ranging from $60,000 a year for general deckhands all the way up to $100,000 or more for the captains of these vessels.

Pipeline companies also play a very important part in the midstream sector of the industry. If you're looking to find work in this area, you should enjoy spending lots of time in the outdoors, as that's where the pipelines are located. Pipelines are laid out in all areas of the globe including the far north, Southern U.S. states and Mexico as well as the Middle East and the North Sea oil fields. The variety of oil-drilling locations and climates will ensure that you can find the pipeline job in the area of the world you want to work in.

Pipeliners are responsible for performing maintenance and repair work on pipelines and the infrastructure supporting them such as storage tanks and pumping stations. Pipeline walkers specialize in checking the many thousands of miles of oil and natural gas pipelines, searching for leaks, washouts, faulty joints and damaged communication support such as downed wires and poles. Pipeline welders are responsible for planning, welding, repairing and fitting the various parts of the pipeline together from the start station all the way through to the refinery or tanker station. Pipeline workers can expect to earn $ 65,000 to $95,000 annually depending on where the job is located and the complexity of the work.


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