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North Sea Natural Gas Jobs

Norway and the Netherlands account for three-fourths of the North Sea natural gas reserves of 169.8 trillion cubic feet of reserves. The United Kingdom is still the highest producer of natural gas with the majority of its wells in the North Sea. Natural gas from these countries is very important for supplying Europe with product. Russia is the main supplier of natural gas to the European Union. Workers from every corner of the world fill the many jobs specific to the natural gas industry here. Norwegian oil companies are the largest oil and gas employers of the major North Sea countries working in the industry today. There is an ongoing demand for workers who are familiar with natural gas production, or who have an aptitude to learn the work. While the oil companies you'll be working for will most likely sponsor you with a work visa to work overseas, you should still make sure that your passport and any other working or certification papers you'll need are ready and in order before you get to the job site.

Workers who have training in drilling for natural gas or finding the areas where the gas can be found are greatly in demand as are engineers, technicians, geologists and other degreed personnel. There is also a need for roughnecks and tool pushers who handle all the day-to-day duties of getting the natural gas out of the earth and into refineries. Norway is the third-largest exporter of natural gas, second only to Russia and Canada, so there's always work to be found in the Norwegian natural gas industry. There are several pages of information on this site, which can help you make a decision on whether working in the North Sea oil industry is for you. The work is hard, but the rewards and experience are definitely worth it.


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