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North Sea Crude Oil Jobs

Some of the best oil fields in the world are located in the North Sea. Norway and the United Kingdom export oil to many European and world markets, including the United States. Norway exports most of the oil it produces due to the fact that the small country consumes only a small percentage of the oil every year. The country is ranked as one of the top ten net oil exporters in the world and has a growing and stable workforce. The United Kingdom routinely buys crude oil from Norway to refine and sell to markets, including the United States.

Every year the oil companies who are working the oil reserves in the North Sea hire many trained and experienced personnel to handle the many jobs required for exploration, production and refining of the crude oil. Roughnecks, tool pushers, geologists and petroleum engineers come from all over the world to work on the North Sea oil drilling platforms. The money is very good and the bonuses and company benefits make the job attractive for single people as well as those supporting a family. The work is sometimes seasonal, depending on the type of work you do. Roughnecks, tool pushers and other production jobs may not work every month but most engineers and technicians work throughout the year.

The work is hard, of course, as are many of the jobs in the oil and gas industry. But after you settle in and get to know what you're doing, the work becomes just another job. There are many work schedules available depending on the company and location of the oil work. Some companies offer two weeks on and two weeks off the platforms, which is good if you're in an isolated area and want to go home for a visit for a while. Many companies will even take care of the cost of flights home and back for you.

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