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How Much Do Oil Rig Workers Get Paid?

Working in the oil and gas industry is rewarding and hard work. The amounts of money that are available to be made are anywhere from high pay to higher pay. Whether you're working as a roughneck on a drilling platform somewhere off the coast of Mexico or specializing in chemical engineering at an oil refinery in Alaska, the range of jobs and duties in the industry is very wide. You should have a valid and clean driver's license, some form of first aid training and basic WHMIS knowledge. Any extra training courses you've completed will also look good on your resume as it makes you more attractive to the company - especially if the training is in safety-related areas.

There are tens of thousands of oil wells and drilling platforms scattered all over the world and in nearly every country. Some oil workers travel the globe working on oil rigs following the seasons. Working up North during the winter months and traveling to warmer climates to work in the dry seasons. The pay for roughnecks on oil rigs can be anywhere from $200-$400 a day, and degreed positions such as petroleum or chemical engineers can be double or triple that amount. The rate of pay sometimes depends on the company and the location of the work, with colder weather jobs usually offering the higher pay and bonuses.

In order to attract and keep good employees, most oil companies offer special benefits and bonus packages for those workers who stay on for longer periods of time. Many oil companies also find it's easier to promote from their existing ranks of employees. This is mainly due to saving the cost of attracting and training new workers. Benefit programs that can be expected usually include full medical and dental plans for the worker and his family, generous bonus plans based on production levels, and free flights back home on your time off or between shifts.


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