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Oil Drilling In Alaska

The Alaskan oil and natural gas industry is one of the major employers of the North with several thousand people earning their living directly or indirectly from the industry, which is primarily based on the North Slope in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

For the past thirty years the Alaskan oil fields have yielded up over fifteen million barrels of oil and the implementation of new and exciting recovery innovations may keep the reserves viable for another forty years. As new wells are drilled and more emphasis is placed on recovering heavy oil and natural gas, the demand for workers continues to increase.

Roughnecks, tool pushers, petroleum engineers, fluidic engineers and geologists (just to name a few) are always in the highest demand and while the working environment may be sometimes chilly, the high pay and benefits more than make up for it. If you have work skills that don't seem to fit in with the oil and gas environment, you can still make a very good living working in many indirect professions. Construction personnel, truck drivers, caterers and oil tanker workers have all found high-paying jobs near the oil fields. The oil is moved by pipeline, 800 miles down the coast to Valdez where it's put in tankers and carried to refineries. There are also jobs to be had working on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline itself, checking for leaks or fractures and carrying out regular maintenance. With 800 miles of pipe to take care of, the work should keep you busy for quite a while.

With hundreds of new workers streaming into the oil fields every week, the Alaskan oil and natural gas industry isn't showing any signs of slowing down. If you want to be a part of this exciting work experience, check out some of the other informative pages in this site, designed to help you find the best job you're qualified for in the oil industry.


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