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Oil & Gas Careers - Interview

Randy G. is a lot like any other person going out to find his ideal oil job. He's determined to grab onto the opportunity with both hands and not let go. He knows that there's a lot of money to be made working in this industry, but it's not going to come without a lot of hard work. He's ready for the challenge.

What made you want to work in the petroleum industry?

Well, first of all it was the money that I could make. Yeah, that's what started me wanting to work on the rigs. It was going to be hard work. I knew that, but that never scared me off. I knew I could do the work.

Did it take long for you to find what you were looking for?

I looked online for a long time making sure I knew what all the different jobs in the industry were about. I'm a hard worker so I knew I could find work as a roughneck or a tool pusher. That seemed like something I could learn to do pretty fast.

The websites I searched on had a lot of information on the different types of oil jobs and duties in the industry.

Were there others like you when you started working?

Oh yeah. It seemed like everyone I talked to was either just starting out lie me or had only started a little while ago. That made it easier to make friends and learn a lot as I went. A lot of us were in the same boat, if you know what I mean. It was hard work but it helped to have others around me going through the same things.

Would you recommend oil jobs to others?

I have a few friends back home that I've contacted to get them to come out and start working. There's always some company looking for people to work for them. Sometimes it's with a construction company, or a trucking firm doing work for the area oil rigs. I even have a friend who works for a catering company that goes out and feeds hundreds of people every day just on the oil rigs and drilling platforms. There's lots of work here besides working on the rigs.

Do you think you'll be staying?

From what I hear, most of the companies out here are planning on doubling and even tripling their workforce in the next few years! I know I'll be here. The money and benefits are great and a lot of my friends are working with me now. It's the best time of my life.

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