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For workers looking for oil jobs in the global petroleum and natural gas industries, many find that Oil Jobs 411 is a great place to start gathering ideas and information. This website offers specialized information dealing with the various aspects of working in the oil and gas industry and explains it in easy to handle bits of information. Whether the person is highly experienced with a university degree in engineering or has just arrived to work on the oil rigs as a roughneck or tool pusher, Oil Jobs 411 can help with information on the type of work they're looking for.

There are many jobs that are indirectly related to the oil industry such as construction, catering, maintenance, and other trades that are required to help with the oil drilling operations.

For those people who are willing to work hard and put in long hours, the oil companies are more than willing to pay top dollar and offer many benefits and bonuses to keep those employees once they have them.

Oil and gas companies all over the world are looking for laborers and trades people who can help work on the oil rigs and drilling platforms in exotic and remote areas of the globe.

Oil production in the Northern regions of the world tends to be mostly during the winter season while production in the southern hemisphere takes place in the dryer seasons when there's not nearly so much rain.

It's not unusual for even the lowest entry-level roughneck jobs on an oil rig to pay up to two hundred dollars a day, and generally the rates of pay are better than this after the production bonuses every month are factored in.

The work is hard, but the high pay more than offsets this. If you're going to be looking for work in the oil and gas industry, you should make sure that you have a valid driver's license, WHMIS training and a basic first aid course under your belt. This training will help you find work much easier as the oil companies will not have to take the time and money to train you in these areas, if you already have the skills.

Before getting to the detailed oil jobs information it is a good idea to learn a little bit about the worldwide petroleum industry. There are several types of crude oil for instance!

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