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Oil Refinery Jobs

After the exploration for oil deposits has been completed, and the huge task of getting the crude oil out of the ground is begun, the refining of the material can take place. Oil refineries are specialized industries that extract from the crude oil, all the useable materials. Through various processes and distillation systems, the refinery breaks down the oil into a wide range of liquids and gases which are then made into everything from gasoline and diesel fuels to chemicals which are used heavily in the creation of plastics and many other industrial materials.

Chemical engineers, physicists, pump system operators and a variety of skilled and degreed personnel are very important to ensure that the oil refinery maintains its production levels and stays profitable for the company that owns it. There are also many personnel who maintain the refinery and do the work that is required to simply keep the refinery running. These positions can include maintenance personnel, cooks and catering staff, truck and heavy equipment drivers and mechanics and other personnel who do a range of tasks to keep the refinery running throughout the year. There are many apprentices and journeyman trainees who work in oil and gas refineries, learning their trades as they go. Many of these apprentices stay with the company for many years and are able to make their careers in their chosen professions.

There are many oil refineries in almost every country around the world that are in constant need of new and experienced personnel. The many changing aspects of oil refining mean that the range of experience required for the workers is always evolving. Many companies who own these oil refineries have training courses in place that allow them to keep their workforce properly trained and up-to-date on all the new equipment and methods of refining crude oil. In this way, the oil refineries can maintain a staff that is capable of handling the day-to-day needs of the refinery and will be well trained for the future.


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