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Oil Rig Driller Jobs

Being a Driller on an oil rig means being responsible for overseeing various crews of workers while the oil drilling work is being done. The driller is in turn under the supervision of a rig manager or toolpusher. While some of the responsibilities of a driller are similar in some ways to those of a rig manager, the driller's duties can include many more jobs, depending on the way the crews are set up under the rig manager. The driller's responsibilities usually include getting the work on the rig done safely, efficiently and within the regulations set down by government or the company itself.

To be a successful driller, the candidate should have excellent organizational skills, be able to communicate and listen equally well and be capable of working quickly with an eye for detail.

The driller, as the head of a drilling crew, also needs to be able to work well with others in order to develop a good crew, capable of working efficiently together. It won't take long for a company to find out which driller's crew isn't working to their best capacity as a team and have a talk with that driller about his communication problems.

Besides supervising the drilling crew, the driller is also responsible for operating the drilling and hoisting equipment on the rig deck. This can include managing the rig floor and driller's console, which includes brakes, monitors and throttles for the drilling equipment. Measurements, reading and other feedback from the drilling console allow the driller to make adjustments to the drilling operations as they become necessary. The driller is also responsible for ensuring that all new and existing rig personnel are aware of the required safety measures on the rig, and follow them to the letter. Regular safety meetings are held to make sure that these rules are closely monitored and followed. Regular safety drills, such as blow out prevention measures, are scheduled and carried out by the driller and all rig personnel.

If you think you have what it takes to be a driller on an oil rig, this site can help you find out more information on starting a career in the oil and natural gas industry. Driller salaries vary based on experience and specialized levels of training, and are usually on a set day rate plus living allowance. Drillers can expect to earn upwards of $85,000 per year, plus production bonuses.

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