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Oil Rig Toolpusher Jobs

A Toolpusher, or Rig Manager, is the most senior supervisor on a drilling rig and is in complete control of all operations that occur on an oil-drilling operation, whether it's an oil well on land or a drilling platform far out to sea. The rig manager is responsible for the rig crews, the equipment and the overall operation of the production crews. The rig manager is also responsible for ensuring that the rig runs smoothly in all weather conditions and under all manner of difficulties that may arise during the job.

The rig manager is in direct supervision of the driller and his various drilling and production crews. The rig manager is the drilling company representative on the rig and is responsible for getting the holes drilled safely, efficiently and on budget. Keeping the drilling costs down and the equipment in good running order is one of the top priorities of a rig manager. A good rig manager is on call 24 hours a day to make sure that the rig and the personnel on it are working at peak form and safety levels.

Rig managers generally learn their job by coming up through the ranks from the basic crew, to supervisory positions, drillers and finally to rig manager. This sort of constant and vigorous training provides a level of experience that every rig manager can draw from while handling the many responsibilities of running an oil rig operation. Superior leadership skills must be honed if the rig manager is to have a dependable and smooth-running group of production crews. Excellent managerial skills and precise organizational practices will also take a rig manager far during rig operations.

To become a rig manager you should have a background in the oil industry with courses under your belt, which can include safety, management and organizational training. Many companies offer ongoing training throughout the year to its personnel in order to keep abreast of many safety and regulatory details and changes. First aid, WHMIS, Fall Protection, Second Line BOP, Dangerous Goods, High Angle Rescue and other training courses will go far to help you get the rig manager job you want.

The level of experience and training you have will help to set your salary, which can range from $60,000 to $155,000 a year and is usually a set day rate plus living allowance. There are many paths of advancement from the rig manager position, either within the company you decide to work for or in other oilfield career positions.


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