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How Oil Wells & Rigs Operate

Oil wells and rigs are used in the oil and gas industry to get the oil out of the ground and onto tankers or pipelines to be taken to refineries where it is made into usable products such as gasoline, home heating fuel and many other products. When someone thinks of oil wells they are usually thinking about wells on land. Oil rigs are the support structures that are constructed around oil wells while the wells are being drilled. These rigs can be on land or on floating platforms far out to sea. Oil wells and rigs both use massive drills to dig down to the layers of strata that contain the oil deposits. Huge pumping systems are then used to get the oil to the surface and onto waiting tankers or pipeline systems.

Because it costs so much to set up, operate and maintain these massive oil drilling platforms, there needs to be enough crew personnel onboard to have two complete crews that can work on the platform operations around the clock. These crews also rotate out usually every two weeks with other crews to allow for work breaks. Drill crews usually consist of toolpushers, roughnecks, roustabouts, company man, mud engineer, derrickhand and a geologist. Well service crews are onboard for any well work that needs to be done and usually consists of a well services supervisor, wireline or coiled tubing operators and a pump operator. Besides the engineers, managers and team leaders there are also catering crews that take care of essential services such as cooking, laundry and cleaning up of the operational areas of the rig.

Oil drilling can take a long time to produce any oil depending on how far down the oil deposits are. Once the drill bit reaches a layer of oil, the well service crew is brought in to create a usable well that is then used to pump the oil up out of the drilled pipe and all the way up to the surface. The entire process requires many types of personnel who can work on the rigs. Oil Jobs 411 provides many areas that will help you find out about the many opportunities that are available for workers willing to work hard and earn high pay and bonuses.

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