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Petroleum Engineer Jobs

The oil and gas industry, like many other high-technology industries in the world, is dependent on specialized degreed technicians and is in an almost constant need of these trained personnel. The science of exploration, producing and refining the oil deposits that are found are handled by these experienced technicians. Starting annual salaries for geologists and the various engineers that are required to bring crude oil to the refineries start at $75,000 and usually include many benefits and incentives packages (depending on the demand and scarcity of the needed personnel). After five years of experience, many of these degreed personnel can expect to have their salaries almost double.

Performance and isolation bonuses can add a lot to the end salary of many technicians, depending on where their work is located and the company they work for. With the need for exploration specialists who use topographic and geological maps as well as seismic test charts to find the oil deposits, the oil companies don't mind paying top dollar for highly productive personnel.

Petroleum engineers, for example, are generally engaged in a range of activities, including evaluating oil deposits and wells for production potential, selecting drilling equipment, pumps and other machinery necessary to get the oil out of the ground and to the refineries. Part of a petroleum engineer's job is also to make sure that all the oil wells in a large field work properly together. Geologists, Seismologists and other degreed personnel all have a part to play in getting the oil out of the ground, safely and efficiently.

Many oil companies search for oil all over the world so it's not uncommon for geologists and engineers to be sent to many exotic or remote areas of the world in search of oil deposits. From the North Sea to Prudhoe Bay (Alaska) to the Middle East, there's no telling where the talents of a qualified technician will take him or her. Depending on the specialization of the technician's training, there are always many jobs in the oil and gas industry, waiting to be filled. You can find out a great deal about working in the technical areas of the oil and gas industry by exploring the many informative pages of this site. Depending on the degree you have, you'll find specialized information on the various jobs available to you in this exciting field.

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