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Petroleum Product Uses

Because so many products are created from the refined materials that oil refineries produce, there is a real dependence on the supply of crude oil for these refineries. The gasoline in your car and the diesel fuel in the trucks and trains that deliver almost all the products that need to be transported around the world, are all derived from the same crude oil that comes out of each well and drilling platform. Even materials like kerosene for heaters and fuel and butane for cigarette lighters is refined from crude oil. The gases that are pulled away from the oil during the refining processes are carefully packaged in pressurize tanks and sent off to other refineries that are more specialized in their methods for breaking down these gases into even more useable gases. Refining methods and practices can create a wide range of gas and liquid materials for many aspects of industrial applications. Visit the oil refinery jobs page to learn how crude is turned into many types of products.

When some of these more refined liquid materials are created from the crude oil, the material is transported to many other companies that then, use the refined materials to create the majority of all the plastics that the world requires. Everything from the plastic dishes you put leftovers in and the DVD cases that hold all your special movies, all the way up to huge transport containers for some larger materials and liquid materials, is made from these refined materials. The cost of almost everything that's created in an industrial environment is dependent on the oil and gas industry. The electrical power for the industry's machines is dependent on the cost of the oil for creating power at the generating plant. The fuel for the vehicles that bring in supplies and transport finished products affects the final price that the industry charges for its goods. It's the consumer who has to pay more for the finished products because the costs always "trickle-down" to the end user. This is why the cost of crude oil affects so many people in the world - not just the big industries. Everyone is affected by the volatile changing cost of crude oil.


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