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Pipeline Chief Engineer Jobs

The Chief Engineer on an oil pipeline is responsible for many specialized duties during the creation and operation of the pipeline. When there's any sort of design or function problem with the oil pipeline or any of its many system or component parts, the oil pipeline chief engineer and his team go into action. By supervising a team of engineering department workers, the chief engineer formulates plans, designs, cost estimates and specifications for pipeline construction and oil field maintenance and modernization programs.

Oil pipeline chief engineers advise management of any sort of engineering problems that may occur or have occurred with any of the pipeline or oil field equipment or systems. The chief engineer must also oversee any engineering designs for neatness and accuracy before they're passed up to higher management personnel.

Operating budgets, reports and special studies on materials and systems are carried out by the chief engineer and his team in order to manage or save costs down the road for the oil company.

These special engineering studies can predict the possible failure of some material and mechanical systems, saving time and money during the oil production process. The Oil pipeline chief engineer and his team must also inspect mechanical, electrical, instrument and electronic systems for possible material failures or design flaws. These reports are then passed up to higher management personnel for action, which is usually also carried out by the engineering department.

The oil field chief engineer needs to have a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical or control engineering with five to ten years of experience in oil distribution and maintenance work. A few years of experience in a supervisory position will also be very helpful for getting this position. The oil pipeline chief engineer must also have a keen ability for inspection and repair duties and must be able to pass on this experience to all members of his engineering team. Chief engineers can expect to earn anywhere from $85,000 to well over $150,000 annually depending on their experience, areas of expertise and specialized training skills.

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