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Pipeline Design Engineer Jobs

Oil Pipeline Design Engineers have as their main responsibility the drafting up of project models and construction specifications related to the design and construction of oil and natural gas pipelines and infrastructure. Part of the responsibilities includes supervising the operation teams to find the best operating practices for the pipeline. Monitoring equipment condition and performance and doing reliability assessments is also part of the pipeline design engineer's job. Working alongside the project managers, the pipeline design engineer optimizes designs and facilities to provide reliable and cost effective pipeline installations.

Using computer programs such as AutoCad, pipeline design engineers create three-dimensional virtual models of the pipeline installations including topographic and other criteria to allow the company to predict any potential problem areas during the pipe laying procedures.

The pipeline design engineer is responsible for making sure that the pipeline is installed in stable environments to minimize any chance of future leakages developing due to shifting ground and pipeline segments. Not only does the pipeline design engineer oversee the design of the pipeline including the assembly and installation, but he's generally also in charge of a team of workers who carry out the design and installation instructions.

The pipeline design engineer is also responsible for providing some technical support during system and equipment overhauls and repairs. He is generally in charge of developing repair procedures and specification for many pieces of equipment and processes. When new equipment needs to be installed, he provides field support and ensures that the equipment starts up properly.

A bachelor's degree in engineering is a requirement for this position with special considerations being given to those workers who have supervisory experience as well. The annual salary of a pipeline design engineer ranges between $85,000 and $145,000 and depends on many factors such as the company you're working for and the location of the work you're performing.

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