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Pipe Inspector & Pipeline Supervisor Jobs

There are many different types of jobs on an oil pipeline project. Not all of them require degreed personnel or even years of experience for the person doing the work. There are many entry-level positions, which require only common sense, ambition, hardiness and strength to get the job done while others, such as the two below, require some amount of degreed schooling or years of experience - or both.

Pipe Inspector

A Pipe Inspector inspects the pipeline. This may sound like a very simple thing to do but it takes a keen eye and specialized knowledge of materials and their stresses, strengths and weaknesses to make a good pipe inspector. The pipe inspector also makes sure that the steel casing, drill pipe and other tubular equipment used in the oil field are free of defects. He does this by using a variety of specialized magnetic and optical inspection devices and apparatus.

Special equipment is also used by the pipe inspector to make sure that the inside of the pipes is free from cracks or other material defects. You should have at least three years experience in welding inspection or other pipeline material experience. Pipe Inspectors with the proper skill levels can expect to earn $25-$45 per hour on the job.

Pipeline Supervisor

The Pipeline Supervisor coordinates the activities of a team of workers engaged in the operation of digging and pipe laying equipment during the creation of an oil or natural gas pipeline. He must also oversee the placement and installation of pumps, valves and meters along the pipeline, which will ensure the flow of oil or natural gas, proceeds without problems. The position is also known as an Oilfield Pipeline Supervisor.

The pipeline supervisor must also supervise a team of ten or more cross-functional technicians while ensuring that all members of the team work towards the same goal of getting the pipeline up and running as quickly and safely as possible. The pipeline supervisor must also work closely with right of way agents while the pipeline is in the planning stages to make sure the land the pipeline is to be built on is free from title or has title permission from the owners of the pipeline.

Applicants for this position should have excellent communication and other interpersonal skills. You really need to be able to focus the many personnel in your team towards the goal of the pipeline on a day-to-day and project basis. A Bachelor of Science degree is a requirement for this technical position along with some supervisory experience. A valid driver's license is also required as the work can be anywhere along the pipeline's length. A Pipeline Supervisor can expect to make $45,000 to $60,000 annual salary, depending on various factors such as specialized skills and the location of the work.

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