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Pipeline Walker Jobs

An oil Pipeline Walker is responsible for carefully walking along the many miles of oil or natural gas pipeline searching for visual clues of pipeline leaks, breaks, washouts or other damage to the pipeline. Sometimes on foot, but more often by truck or four-wheeler, the Pipeline Walker must be ever vigilant for the signs of oil or natural gas leaks along the pipeline. Oil stains, odors or dead vegetation are sure signs that there's most likely been a gas or oil leak in the pipeline. The Pipeline Walker becomes very adept at spotting these signs of pipeline damage. When problems are suspected or found, the Pipeline Walker may take steps to repair small leaks using tools for caulking, hammers, clamps and wrenches. Large leaks and washouts are reported to the district office and work crews are sent out to assess and repair the damaged areas. Any problems with telephone or telegraph lines including fallen poles and wires are reported to the proper authorities for repair. The operations of automatic drip bleeders on gas lines to detect malfunctioning valves also become the responsibility of the Pipeline Walker.

To do this sort of work, you must be good at working on your own as much of the work is done alone. The inspection work is generally just you and your tool kit and your motorized vehicle, whether it's a truck or a four-wheeler. You must be very good at problem solving and being able to track back where any problem may have occurred even though it may take some time. An eye for detail and being physically fit are also two good traits for a good Pipeline Walker. Having some specialized training in survivalist procedures also wouldn't hurt as many of the sections of pipeline are in very remote wilderness locations. It's good to be prepared for any sort of trouble that may arise out in the wild, when you're on your own. The work is very detail oriented and requires a lot of on-site inspection. Compensation depends on experience but is often $18.00 to $21.00 per hour or more.


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