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Pipeliner Jobs

A Pipeliner is essential to the successful operation of any pipeline project. Although it's an entry-level position, the Pipeliner performs almost all the general maintenance of the equipment and pumping stations, which are located along the many miles of the pipeline and keep the oil flowing smoothly and evenly. This is a good position to try and get if you're wanting to start in the oil and natural gas industry but don't know what you want to specialize in. many personnel in upper management with oil drilling companies began working as a Floorhand or Pipeliner and steadily moved up in the ranks as the experience built up. Some of the duties of a Pipeliner can include:

Sometimes, Pipeliners are used to walk the pipeline to find leaks or operate pumping equipment. The list of jobs is very long as the pipeliners must do a lot of the jobs, which are required of them on a daily basis. Pipeliners are responsible for performing maintenance and repair work on pipelines and the infrastructure supporting them such as storage tanks and pumping stations.

Pipeliners need to be physically fit, conscientious, able to be part of a team of workers, and handle working long hours. They can generally expect to earn $15-$20 per hour but this number can vary depending on the amount of training or experience and the scope of those abilities.

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