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Oil Rig Roughneck Jobs

Many people who begin working in oilfields start out by working as roughnecks. This position is an essential one even though it may be at the bottom of the ladder in the scale of pay in the industry. This is not to say that roughnecks don't earn a high wage of pay, because that's simply not the case. Many roughnecks work long hours and the work is generally hard but the pay is very good, as are all jobs in the oil and gas industry. The majority of people finding work in the oil and gas industry start out by working as roughnecks. Many people, who start out as roughnecks, go on to be promoted to higher-paying and more responsible positions, such as a driller or eventually oil rig toolpusher, in a relatively short period of time.

Some of the duties that roughnecks are responsible for can include cleaning up spilled oil and bailing it into barrels set up for just this purpose.

They also handle all mechanical tasks that need to be taken care of on the oil rig and drilling platform. This can mean everything from using manual wrenches to compressed air tools to perform the work. When pipes need to be tightened or loosened it's the roughneck who'll be doing all the work. The same is true for any pump and engine parts that need to be taken care of on the rig deck.

The roughneck is responsible for checking the oil flow and making sure that there are no leaks in the pipes and fittings anywhere along the line. Basically, all the manual jobs on the oil rig or platform are handled by roughnecks either working alone or in teams.

Roughnecks should have a good knowledge of mechanical systems, be skilled at working with hand and power tools, as well as being able to repair any tools that they use that break down. Being trained in safety protocols and emergency procedures is also something that a roughneck on an oil rig should know. Knowing how the oil industry works and the importance that's placed on production methods is also essential for a good roughneck. The ability to check and maintain systems and machinery on the job are also very important to the daily requirements of this position.

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