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Entry-Level Jobs on Oil & Gas Platforms

There are a wide variety of specialized jobs in the oil and gas industry. This should come as no surprise in an industry as diverse and widespread as this one is. With billions of dollars in production value at stake with each oil well or drilling platform, the value that the oil company places on its employees is very high. There are few other industries that depend so highly on the abilities of its employees to get their respective job duties completed on time. Many factors depend on the ability of a drilling team to properly drill and produce a certain amount of crude oil for production at the refineries.

It's this level of production that will determine the viability of each oil well location. A crack team of well drillers and technicians can mean everything when it comes to producing oil from wells. Many of the larger drilling platforms can produce more than 150,000 barrels of oil every day!

Some of the specialized jobs that are in demand in the oil and gas industry include roughnecks, which are like the crew on a sailing vessel who handle all the smaller - but no less important - jobs on the site. The standard pay for many of these roughnecks can range from $275-$475 per day, depending on the company you're working for and the location and special circumstances of the well you're working on. Many people start out working in the industry by being roughnecks. This is a great way to find out if you've got what it takes to work on an oil rig or drilling platform. Many roughnecks are able to move up in rank to become well drillers after they've put in a lot of time doing roughneck tasks. This move up in position means more responsibility and more pay. Well drillers have more responsibility for the day-to-day drilling work, and can earn $375-$650 per day plus bonuses. Supervisors on each rig are called tool pushers or drill leaders and can expect to receive upwards of $100,000 per year for their valued experience.

Some other essential jobs that are in demand and required on many offshore drilling sites and oil platforms are rope access technicians who are responsible for the inspection of all the higher areas of the platform structures to make sure that items aren't in danger of falling on workers on the decks below. As you can imagine, this is not a job for anyone afraid of heights and it's a very important job that all the employees working on the deck below are appreciative of.

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