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Opportunities on the North Slope & Trans-Alaska Pipeline

Working on the Trans-Alaska pipeline has become one of the best ways to break into the oil industry in the far north. Not only is the work high-paying and challenging but anyone with northern pipeline experience will find it very easy to find work in the industry almost anywhere else in the world. Like New York, if you can make it there...you can make it anywhere!

The north slope of Prudhoe Bay has the majority of the work with over a million barrels of oil flowing through the 800 miles of pipeline daily. This amount provides American markets with 15 percent of their required oil consumption needs. Many of the oil companies working in this region have a constant need for workers which doesn't seem to be going down at all. In fact, the need for new workers in all areas of the industry is rising with the announcement of a mega-project that would see a natural gas pipeline being constructed.

he 3,000 mile pipeline project would serve mainly American consumer accounts with 4.6 billion cubic feet of natural gas being moved through the pipeline every single day! This project alone will require many thousands of man-hours and billions of dollars to complete.

The need for skilled and entry-level workers has never been greater in the Alaskan oil and natural gas industry. The construction of this natural gas pipeline will take more than eight years to build, providing high-paying steady employment for many thousands of oil and natural gas workers.

Some of the jobs that are in constant demand in the Alaskan oil industry include roughnecks (general laborers), drillers, derrickhands, floorhands and supervisory personnel to take charge of teams of workers on various oil production projects. Workers who have direct pipeline experience will always be able to find work as many companies design, install and maintain oil and natural gas pipelines within Alaska for the major oil and natural gas companies. Pipeline design engineers, pipeline walkers, pipeline inspectors and supervisors will all have a place working for one of many companies making sure that oil and natural gas stays flowing through the Trans-Alaska pipelines. Estimates of the number and variety of extra jobs that will soon become available (or that are available now) in the Alaskan oil and natural gas industry are for a projected 9,000 extra workers in welding, pipeline, engineering and labor positions.

As with any sort of oil industry mega-construction project, there will be many other jobs available in the support industries. Workers in the construction, engineering and other trades will have their choice of many high-paying and challenging positions. All of the companies that assist the oil companies in the construction of pipeline and oil production projects will all be looking for many new workers to fill the thousands of job slots that will be opened up. If you have what it takes to work in the Alaskan oil industry, you'll find the career a challenging and rewarding choice that will allow you excellent chances for advancement and higher pay. This site will help you find the best choices for your new career in the Alaskan oil and natural gas industry.

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