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Types of Oil Jobs

The oil and gas industry has many unique and varied employment needs. This industry has many diverse fields of experience that constantly require an influx of trained and experienced personnel to help keep their industry going. During the exploration phases in search of oil and gas deposits around the world, the oil companies need highly skilled and degreed personnel who can take topographical and geological maps and tests and make sense of the findings to show the well drilling teams where the deposits are likely to be found. These technicians also must be able to tell which deposits will yield the best results in relation to the costs of drilling and refining the crude oil product. This is why these types of technicians are so valuable to the oil companies.

The companies can save millions - and sometimes, billions - of dollars by having the best geologists and engineers on their payroll.

The production of the crude oil, once viable deposits have been found, is usually carried out on land-based wells or oil-drilling platforms out at sea. The wells on land have many specialized needs for personnel including petroleum engineers, truckers, oil rig toolpushers, roughnecks and many other types of personnel with specialized training or experience in the industry. The same types of specialized personnel are required on the oil rig platforms at sea, but with many other types of personnel required due to the extreme conditions and location of the work. Safety personnel responsible for the workers are much more in need on an isolated platform in the middle of a harsh sea environment. The logistics of having enough food and materials on the platform before the weather makes transport near to impossible is very important as well. This takes a lot of planning and organizing by the personnel in charge of maintaining the needs of the oil rig platform.

Once the crude oil is delivered to the refinery, whether by tanker, train, truck or pipeline, the personnel responsible for refining the crude oil down into its component parts take over. These chemical engineers, transport specialists, and other personnel make sure that the crude oil is passed through the many refining phases that will create the marketable materials that the oil and gas industry is known for. Everything from diesel and gasoline fuels to the chemical materials needed to create the range of plastic materials that we all need and use is created from the crude oil. The gases and other materials that are produced by these refining methods are also taken off and saved in pressurized tanks for shipment to other industries that refine the materials down even further. Very little is wasted in the refining phase of the industry. The many materials that are created and pulled out of the crude oil are further refined along the way by other industries. Petrochemical engineers, transport specialists and other refinery personnel are always in demand to work in the many thousands of oil refineries around the world.

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