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Upstream Sector Oil Jobs

Jobs in the upstream sector include any type of work that happens in the oil field, such as oil exploration, production, supply, service and manufacturing. The wide variety of jobs required for oil sands mining and extraction are also covered under this sector. As you can imagine, this sector covers a wide range of oil jobs.

There are over 1,000 upstream companies in this sector and they are all looking for qualified personnel. Seismic and geophysical service companies contract themselves out to oil companies all over the world. The jobs in this sector also include drilling contractors, service rig operators, trucking companies and engineering firms. Scientific, technical, environmental and service and supply companies round out the types of jobs in this sector.

Seismic engineers are responsible for conducting surveys of the underground areas that may contain deposits of oil or natural gas.

Using underground explosions or mechanical vibrations sent through the ground, they record seismic waves that reflect off of rock formations, showing where oil or natural gas deposits may be found. Once a viable area is found, drilling engineers and their teams set up drilling platforms onsite and begin the slow process of digging down hundreds or even thousands of feet to the oil deposits. Seismic engineers, petroleum engineers, geophysicists and drilling engineers can expect to earn over $100,000 annually with production bonuses on top of that pay.

If working in an office is more to your liking then becoming an Oil Land Agent or Oil Well Log Analyst may be better suited to your career goals. Land agents are responsible for getting permission from landowners before oil well drilling is even begun. An oil well log analyst is responsible for taking core samples and measurements during the drilling process and after a well is completed. Both these positions also offer annual salaries that can quickly rise to $100,000 after only a few years of service within the industry.

Finding work in the upstream sector of the oil and natural gas industry is easy if you know where to look. Luckily, this site has many of the answers you'll need to find out about the different types of jobs available in this sector.

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