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Tips for Non-Canadians

Workers wishing to work in Canada in the oil and gas industry usually need to have their sponsor companies apply for work visas for them. This will allow the workers to live and work in Canada with their specialized training and experience, so long as they stay working for the same oil company. If a worker on a work visa moves to another company, that company needs to apply for another work visa to allow that worker to remain working in Canada. Oil companies regularly sponsor employees from other companies to come to Canada and work for them. Because of the specialization of many of the trades in the oil and gas industry, there are sometimes areas of employment that regularly have a scarcity of qualified personnel to perform the work.

You do not need to be a citizen of Canada to live and work in Canada. Though many people who stay and work in the country often find it easier to have dual-citizenship, this is not always necessary. Health and medical benefits are generally taken care of by the oil company that you'll be working for, so this isn't something that you'd have to be a citizen to take advantage of. If you're trying to get a work visa on your own, you can contact the Canadian Embassy in your own country and apply for a visa that way.

It's most likely going to be harder to get a work visa if you do it on your own however. Because the oil and gas companies, especially those involved with the Alberta oil sands, are in constant need of specialized workers, and regularly hire workers from outside the country, they are very adept at handling any red tape that workers usually run into when trying to navigate through government channels. Many oil companies even have special human resource employees who specialize in nothing but hiring workers from outside the country. They are very skilled at what they do and can make the transition to working in Canada a very easy one to handle.

Some of the requirements for being able to work in Canada are simple and sensible ones such as not having a criminal record or being a fugitive from the law in your own country. You will need to be checked out by a Canadian doctor to ensure that you have no communicable diseases or medical conditions that you didn't state on your employment and work visa papers. Different oil and gas companies will have their own rules and regulations about hiring workers from outside the country and these will also have to be adhered to along with the government regulations. The great majority of workers who come to work in Canada find that the experience is a very positive one and many often decide to stay here and make the country their own.

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